The Jr. Ag. Mechanics CDE Results have been double checked and some triple checked for accuracy!

I would like to thank the following for their great help with the event:
 - Tracey Champagne, Will Burt, Dusty Smith, Matt Howell, James Hunter, Brittany  Schwing, and Audrey Davis 
 - Von Peavy (ABAC)  and Bruce Bailey from the Colquitt EMC
-Justin Martin and Evie Blount from the ABAC AET.

If you see any of these people, please express a sincere thank you for their help because it couldn't have happened without them!

Congratulations to the following teams:
1st Place Team - Pelham Middle, Advisor Will Burt 
2nd Place Team- Pelham High, Advisor Justin Sealy 
3rd Place Team - C.A. Gray Middle, Advisor James Hunter

This event does not have a State Contest, yet.