Good Morning Teachers,

The South Region Ag Mechanics CDE is still on for this Thursday the 26th.  The region event will be conducted in the Chambliss building here at ABAC. Registration will begin at 1:30 in Room 111 (the classroom beside the South Region Area Teachers office).  PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THROUGH THE SHOP AREA AROUND THE BACK OF THE BUILDING. The skill events will be set up in that area and we do not want anything to be subjected to wondering eyes!!!! 

Due to the high number of teams participating this year, I will need assistance/help from as many of you to judge the event, so at 1:45 I would like to have a meeting with judges to go over the certain events you will be proctoring. Your help will ensure a smooth flowing contest and hopefully efficient in time, meaning that I hope we will finish between 7:00 and 7:30 PM. Like I said-HOPE we will finish in time! We will start the CDE at 2:00PM.

As of right now we have 18 teams registered!!! THIS IS AWESOME!!! Thank You!!!!

Area 5 Teams

GA0169Americus Sumter South$0.00PDF Invoice
GA0466CA Gray Jr. High$0.00PDF Invoice
GA0028Cairo$0.00PDF Invoice
GA0141Colquitt County$0.00PDF Invoice
GA0054Crisp County High$0.00PDF Invoice
GA0163Pelham High$0.00PDF Invoice
GA0184Seminole County$0.00PDF Invoice
GA0205Tift County$0.00PDF Invoice

Area 6

GA0012Bacon County High$0.00PDF Invoice
GA0017Berrien County High$0.00PDF Invoice
GA0148Brantley County High$0.00PDF Invoice
GA0046Coffee County High$0.00PDF Invoice
GA0051Cook County High$0.00PDF Invoice
GA0113Lanier County$0.00PDF Invoice
GA0120Long County$0.00PDF Invoice
GA0119Lowndes County High$0.00PDF Invoice
GA0346McIntosh Academy$0.00PDF Invoice

GA0223Ware County High$0.00PDF Invoice

Last but not least, if you have registered and your team will not be able to compete, please let me know for I am beginning to set up the rotations and it is based on the number of teams participating! So if you are not going to be able to make it- phone or text me at 229-891-6020

I pray that all of you will have a safe trip to Tifton on Thursday!

Jerry Stone