The attached PDF file and URL link ( contain the meeting report of the 2016 The Allied Genetics Conference (TAGC).  It was published in December 2016 in the GSA-sponsored journal, G3.  The Ciliate Molecular Biology meeting was one of seven concurrent meetings that occurred at this conference in celebration the 100th anniversary of the journal Genetics.   The TAGC meeting report includes a brief summary of the Ciliate Molecular Biology conference as well as a spotlight on research presented by Laura Landweber and her graduate student, Richard Miller.  Enjoy the read.

The 2018 Ciliate Molecular Biology  conference will be a stand alone meeting like our previous FASEB-sponsored meetings.  It will be organized through the Genetics Society of America.  The organizer of the 2018 meeting are Chad Pearson, Martin Simon, Naomi Stover.

Jeff Kapler