Saw this on and had to share because the writing is so funny and I feel like I've had neck pain since the 70s. Does anyone else have advice on tree climbing without tweaking yourself?



Hi Ohio-Birders!

I usually lurk on this listserv and take your great advice on where to spot when I am in town seeing my folks in Somerville, but I thought I would end the silence and share a story.

After meeting my darling (who is also an avid birder), we spent every waking minute out in the woods or fields with our Bushnell binoculars. But, it was short lived when a year ago I cricked my neck trying to get a glimpse of a purple finch in Vermont.

My friends gave me advice on what to do, but nothing worked. No chiropractor, massage therapist, or pillow could help my aching neck. Every morning I would wake up and it would be the same pain for me. Finally, I decided I had to buy a new bed because if that didn't help, nothing would.

For all those in the same position, it is so overwhelming to find a new mattress these days. I must have been living under a rock since the 80s. I searched high and low on the net, not knowing if what I was going to get was going to be good. Luckily, I finally found a site called that had a bunch of customer reviews and mattress rankings that really clarified everything.

I just got a new mattress last month and I can't believe it, but my neck pain is almost all gone. If you also have cricked your neck from too much birding, I highly advise you to take care and get a new bed if now is the time.

Stay safe and best of luck!
Birdwatcher Tobin