1) If you go back to the entry site:
You can print out a list of all of your entries for each show.  Some
agents/teachers find this handy at check in.

2. Check your entries:
go to the state registration website and what you see is what we will have
on the check-in sheets.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE check your entries and let
the show superintendent know today if there is a problem.  It is easier to
fix something now than it is at the scale.

3. Please prepare your parents to be respectful of the unloading process at
check in.  Georgia National Fairgrounds has made several changes / updates
that will help the unloading process go as smoothly as possible, but we
need everyone's cooperation. Please move your trucks /trailers as soon as
you are finished unloading at check in.

4. Purebred heifers will need an ORIGINAL copy of the registration
certificate.  (every year someone leaves them at home)

5. Don't forget the health papers!  Health papers for show livestock in
Georgia are good for 4 months... make sure your Health papers haven't

6. We have made several schedule changes this year on the cattle shows and
addition of the doe show, please check the schedule attached to this email.
and let your Area Livestock Teacher.  *Cattle check in will be on
Wednesday from 2:00 - 5:00 p.m.* (new time this year)

7. Cattle rule clarification: "Heifers (or steers) cannot be reloaded
and/or transported on the grounds until that animal has completed showing.
Once the animal is through showing, it can be loaded and removed from the
facility."  This rule *does not* mean heifers/ steers can not leave when
they are finished showing.  It simply means we do not want trailers hauling
calves to the show ring/tie outs and vice versa.

8. The Breeding Does and the Market Hog* pens *have been assigned and sent
out please check the list before unloading animals.

9.  We still need help working the shows
please check the link
the show superintendent (see list below) if you can help.


*Show Superintendents:*
Breeding Does:  Trisha Lastly, Niki Whitley
Breeding Ewes:  Kent Benson, Lawton Stewart
Beef Heifers:  Ricky Wheeler, Jacob Segers
Beef Cattle Barn Manager:  Carole Knight
Dairy Heifers:  Jillian Bohlen, Stan Mitchell
Market Hogs:  Robert Dove, Tommy Waldrop
Market Steers:  Heather Shultz, Christa Steinkamp

*Tommy Waldrop*
Area Animal Science Teacher
South Region Agricultural Education
office 229.386.3196 <(229)%20386-3196>
cell 229.326.3053 <(229)%20326-3053>
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