My apologies.  The original schedule attached had the incorrect Cattle
Check In times.  We will check in beef cattle in Sutherland Arena from 2:00
- 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 22nd. All hogs, steers & heifers must be
weighed in and in place by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday to be checked in for the

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> Teachers
> 1) If you go back to the entry site:
> You can print out a list of all of your entries for each show.  Some
> agents/teachers find this handy at check in.
> 2. Check your entries:
> go to the state registration website and what you see is what we will have
> on the check-in sheets.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE check your entries and let
> the show superintendent know today if there is a problem.  It is easier to
> fix something now than it is at the scale.
> 3. Please prepare your parents to be respectful of the unloading process
> at check in.  Georgia National Fairgrounds has made several changes /
> updates that will help the unloading process go as smoothly as possible,
> but we need everyone's cooperation. Please move your trucks /trailers as
> soon as you are finished unloading at check in.
> 4. Purebred heifers will need an ORIGINAL copy of the registration
> certificate.  (every year someone leaves them at home)
> 5. Don't forget the health papers!  Health papers for show livestock in
> Georgia are good for 4 months... make sure your Health papers haven't
> expired.
> 6. We have made several schedule changes this year on the cattle shows and
> addition of the doe show, please check the schedule attached to this email.
> and let your Area Livestock Teacher.  *Cattle check in will be on
> Wednesday from 2:00 - 5:00 p.m.* (new time this year)
> 7. Cattle rule clarification: "Heifers (or steers) cannot be reloaded
> and/or transported on the grounds until that animal has completed showing.
> Once the animal is through showing, it can be loaded and removed from the
> facility."  This rule *does not* mean heifers/ steers can not leave when
> they are finished showing.  It simply means we do not want trailers hauling
> calves to the show ring/tie outs and vice versa.
> 8. The Breeding Does and the Market Hog* pens *have been assigned and
> sent out please check the list before unloading animals.
> 9.  We still need help working the shows
> <>,
> please check the link
> <> contact
> the show superintendent (see list below) if you can help.
> *Show Superintendents:*
> Breeding Does:  Trisha Lastly, Niki Whitley
> Breeding Ewes:  Kent Benson, Lawton Stewart
> Beef Heifers:  Ricky Wheeler, Jacob Segers
> Beef Cattle Barn Manager:  Carole Knight
> Dairy Heifers:  Jillian Bohlen, Stan Mitchell
> Market Hogs:  Robert Dove, Tommy Waldrop
> Market Steers:  Heather Shultz, Christa Steinkamp
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