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I am not sure if you are on the National Ag Ed listserve, but if not, this
was sent out yesterday... thought you may be interested in this lesson plan
to go along with the Smith-Hughes Act 100th Anniversary.

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On February 23, 1917 president Woodrow Wilson signed the Smith-Hughes Act
into law. To commemorate this event a lesson plan (including a PowerPoint
presentation, class activities, and a Kahoot quiz) has been developed.

The Smith-Hughes Centennial Committee encourages you to teach about the
Smith-Hughes Act, ideally on February 23. It would fit perfectly with the
FFA week theme and activities. The PowerPoint tells who Smith and Hughes
were. They were real live people and one of them was an influential farmer.
Your students should find this to be interesting.

The lesson plan and other materials can be downloaded from There are other Smith-Hughes resources at this
site including a news release and a sample proclamation.

We would also encourage state teacher organizations to consider
incorporating recognition of the Smith-Hughes Act into your annual
conference. Special commemorative lapel pins can be ordered from Tony Small
([log in to unmask]) at the National Council for Agricultural Education. We can
also help arrange for a speaker if you need one.

This event only occurs once every 100 hundred years. Don't miss it. While
we can use this event to celebrate the past, it gives a great opportunity
to promote what we do in agricultural education and plan for the next 100

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