Fellow Ag Teachers,

I realize we are in the heart of one of the busiest times of year for all Ag Teachers – but I wanted to send a quick note and share this thought:


I had the opportunity this week to visit the Georgia Youth Detention Centers (YDC) and while at the facility in Eastman the horticulture teacher there, Mrs. Henderson, told me about a young man that was in her class. She said he was previously in a horticulture class at the school he attended and when he got in trouble and sent to the YDC in Eastman, the Agriculture teacher at his old school called his mom to check on him. He told her that his AG TEACHER was the only one at that school that really cared about him. I share this today as a reminder that you belong to the second greatest profession in the world and you are constantly making a positive difference in the lives of your students. As these days seem long and often go unappreciated, I hope you will continue to put your students first and continue the great work you are doing in providing future leaders in agriculture.


Mr. Virgil Blalock, I am proud of you and not only the impact you are making on your students, but for the great example you are setting for all of us.


John (Chip) Bridges

Program Manager, Agricultural Education

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