Fellow Ag Teachers,

It was great to see many of you last week at the State Capital for FFA Day or in Perry for the State Livestock Show. What you are doing is extremely impressive. I know it takes so much time and effort on your part to make the AgEd program a success.


Many of you have asked about the survey results regarding the potential of an Elementary Grade Level AgEd program here in Georgia. Attached you will find the complete survey results. Please understand this is the raw data and it should not be considered as the only measure of progress or study on this particular issue. I would like to provide extreme caution to everyone that just because this issue has surfaced, it does not require a “knee-jerk” reaction or quick analysis about what will happen for our program in this regard. This is simply the results from the survey. I am proud that 309 people took the time to provide an opinion on the matter by completing the survey.


Mr. Joel McKie recently made me aware that there is now a Senate Bill (243) which allows for the Georgia Department of Education to establish 6 pilot programs across the state to conduct a 3 year study of how the Agricultural Education Program could be implemented at the Elementary School Level. I know that Mr. McKie is working closely with the PRC committee to monitor all AgEd related items and I appreciate him communicating this information with us. We are extremely fortunate to have this type of representation at the State Capital.


I hope you will feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. As always, Thank You for being the best teacher in your school.


John (Chip) Bridges

Program Manager, Agricultural Education

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