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Updated! Bringing Biotech to Life Resource!

Bringing Biotech to Life now has additional Next Generation Science Standards support resources & augmented reality lesson enhancer!

We have created an online portal for Bringing Biotechnology to Life! This site breaks down the unit into individual lessons where educators can read a summary of the lesson, see the standards addressed and view any videos or additional resources associated with the lesson!

Bring learning to life with new augmented reality features. Follow the four steps below to unlock a new dimension of learning for your students.

What are people saying about Biotech to Life?

"I really liked these lessons and I will use them in the Spring semester when we cover Bio. I am a pretty organized kind of guy, so, I thoroughly appreciated the logical procession of the lesson topics and how they seemed to build on the previous discussions."
- Michael Lewis, 6th-7th Grade Science Teacher, Union Schools, OK

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This short video shows off the features of the new Biotech to life portal.
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