The Area 6 Senior Prepared Public Speaking Finals were held last Thursday evening at Bacon Co. High School. I would like to thank all advisors of the Bacon Co. High FFA for their part in hosting the event and making all guest welcomed

Congratulations to the top two participants who advance to the State Speaking CDE Events that will be held on Friday April 28th at the 89th Georgia FFA Convention.  Marriott Hotel, Macon, GA at 8:00 AM

If you want a news release to advertise your program's success to your local community, reply back and I will send you one or you can find them on the website: http://gaaged.org/page.aspx?ID=133

Senior Prepared Public Speaking 

1st Place - Courtney Cameron: Lowndes County FFA Chapter, Advisor: James Corbett

2nd Place - Dawson Adams: Coffee County FFA Chapter; Advisor: Josh Rogers

Additional Participants

Shaina Flowers                       Brantley County FFA                   Advisor: Chad Crews
Allison Simpson                     Golden Isles C.A. FFA                 Advisor: Michael Stalvey
Tyler Logel                             Camden County FFA                    Advisor: Karyn Chester
Taylor Macera                         Echols County FFA                      Advisor: Shelby Corbett