Happy lunch Area 5 AG Teachers! 

Thank you to all of you who trained teams that competed last night in the first ever Area Conduct of Chapter Meetings CDE and the Area Senior Parliamentary Procedure CDE. It was an exciting night, and just because of the storm! Please continue to push your students toward becoming better leaders in their chapter by competing again next year. 

Thank you to the judges last night and the host school, Bainbridge High School. It is not always easy to host and you guys accomplished it so well! 

The top two teams will be representing Area 5 at the State FFA Convention in April for the State CDE. 

Area 5 Conduct of Chapter Meetings CDE: 
1st - Bainbridge High School - Advisor - Dr. Farish Mulkey 
2nd - 8th Street Middle School - Advisor - Mrs. Eve Rogers 

Area 5 Senior Parliamentary Procedure CDE: 
1st - Bainbridge High School - Advisor - Dr. Farish Mulkey 
2nd - Tift County High School - Advisor - Ms. Lynn Cook 

The first round of tiebreakers were use for both the CDEs. If you have any questions please feel free to let me know. We are the first region to hold our Area CDE so your comment cards, score sheets and tests will not be given back until all regions are complete. Again thank you all for competing and increasing the Area 5 participation. More teams means we all get better! 

Attached you will find complete results for both CDEs as well as a press release to use for your local news outlets. 

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