Ag Teachers,

As Spring Break approaches and we begin to wrap up our CDE and livestock show seasons, I have some important reminders for you concerning FFA membership and AgEd enrollment.

The spring semester deadline for FFA membership and AgEd enrollment submission is March 31.

FFA Membership
• To be eligible for 100% membership recognition (or meet your 80% standard) FFA members must be submitted for membership through the online roster system AND all membership dues/fees be postmarked no later than March 31.
• Once students are submitted for FFA membership it is expected that their dues/membership fees will be paid. Please check your balances and pay your fee/dues owed.
• Declaring your chapter as an Affiliate program is not enough to earn 100% membership. You must still actually put all of your students on your roster and then pay your Affiliation fee.
• If you teach on a semester or quarter system and have received new students since the first of the new year, please get those students listed in your enrollment and submit them for FFA membership.
• Watch for duplicates! Before you submit a student (or batch of students) for FFA membership, please double check to insure that the same student is not already listed on your roster.
• As of today, the Georgia FFA is nearly 2,400 members behind last year’s totals. Our enrollment numbers, however, have increased. It is time to get the last minute FFA members added to your roster.  

AgEd Enrollment
• If you have not added additional students to your Georgia AgEd/FFA page since the first of the year, please make time to update that prior to March 31.
• All students must be enrolled in an AgEd course to be submitted as an FFA member.
• We need accurate data for all of your AgEd courses; so even if a student is not being submitted for FFA membership, if you have the student in class, they need to be listed on your AgEd enrollment page.
• Confirming that your enrollment listing and totals are correct will be a part of our POW evaluation later this spring. So it is important for us and for you to insure that process is handled correctly.
• Students who are not part of your program at all this year should be sent to the “deleted” student folder. Look on your Student Enrollment page and find any student who is not part of your program. Then hit the red X to the left of their name to send them to the “Deleted Student” file. Students can be reinstated from the Deleted Student file should they return to your AgEd program next year.

Many of you set the goal of being recognized for 100% FFA membership at the State Convention. In order to receive that honor, your membership, enrollment and dues/fees need to be finished by March 31.

The majority of you are coming up on POW evaluations this spring. One of the standards you will evaluated on is having a minimum of 80% FFA membership by March 31. I order to meet that standard,  your FFA membership, enrollment and dues/fees must be finished by March 31.

Check your balances in your Georgia AgEd/FFA enrollment and membership site. If you owe money, please get your dues/fees paid by March 31. If you show a balance and believe that your chapter is truly paid up, then please reach out to us so that we can look into the situation.

Please make these items a priority. If you have any questions, please reach out to our office and let us help you.

Ben Lastly
Executive Secretary
Georgia FFA Association
316 Poultry Science – UGA
Athens, GA 30602
Office Phone: (706) 552-4456
Mobile Phone: (706) 410-4604
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