Middle School Teachers,
As you know, April 3rd is the due date for all Middle School Record Books
to be in the North Region Office. I've had some questions about electronic
submission. You may (not required) submit your student's record books
electronically. In doing so, please be sure you follow the guidelines set
forth for Electronic Document Submission. Be sure you application is
submitted as a PDF. You can save the entire Excel workbook as a PDF. This
is done from the Save As screen. You just have to click on the Options...
button, then click the radio button for Entire Workbook under Publish what.
Also...Please check the Page Break Preview for each page before saving. I
have noticed that the Record Book you can download from our website has a
page break that needs to be adjusted. Page 3, the materials list, needs to
be adjusted. Also, before you save as a pdf, please delete the 'General
Information' and 'Category Description' pages on the front end and 'SAE
Scoring Rubric' and 'Sheet1' on the back end. This will allow for the
fewest number of wasted pages.

*Electronic Document Submission*

*North Region for FY17*

*All electronic submissions must be in PDF format!!!*

·         *All Electronically submitted material must be* *complete* (i.e.
pictures, signature pages *with signatures*) and submitted in its entirety
in a single document. We will not be able to add pictures or signature
pages that get submitted separately.

·         *Applications will only be accepted in PDF format*. There are
many ways to accomplish this. Simplest way would be to complete the entire
document with pictures and needed signatures and then scan the document and
save as a PDF.

·         Applications that are printed from our office will only be
printed in *black and white*.

·         Please research your own email capabilities before relying on
electronic submission. Some school systems may *limit file size* thereby
eliminating this as an option.

·         Electronic submission is only an *option…not a requirement*. If
you want a high quality color application in a nice award folder…please
submit by mail or put in the North Region drop box located in front of Four

·         All electronically submitted material should be emailed to
[log in to unmask]

*Middle School Record Books*

·         Each application submitted must be submitted using a *separate

-       Subject line should read: Chapter Name-SAE Type-SAE
Category-Student Name

-       File name should be as follows:

§  A middle School Record Book from Jasper Middle in
Exploratory-Horticulture from Elvis Presley would look like:

Jasper Middle_exploratory_horticulture_Elvis Presley

§  A *hard copy* *must* be submitted for all applications that advance to
the *state* level of competition.

Josh Allen
North Region Ag Education
204 Four Towers
Athens, GA 30602
706-552-4466 office
706-202-0770 cell