These are the Secretary Books that were submitted to the office. 
If your chapter's book is not listed below and it was submitted; you have until 6 00 pm today to contact me and get the issue resolved.
After that it is too late.

Area 5 High School 
CA Gray Jr High 
Worth County 
Crisp County 
Colquitt County 
Irwin County 
Wilcox County 
Miller County 
Area 5 Middle School 
Crisp County 
Ben Hill 
CA Gray 
Mitchell County 
Lee County Middle - West 
WJ Williams 

Area 6 High School 
Berrien County 
Atkinson County 
Bradwell Institute 
Clinch County 
Wayne County 
Long County 
Lowndes County 
McIntosh Academy 
Jeff Davis 
Coffee County 
Ware County 
Area 6 Middle School 
Ware County 
Brantley County 
Bacon County 
Lowndes Middle