March 9th CDEs for Area VI will be held at Ware County High School. 

Please remember that registration will be from 3:45 - 4:15 pm for all CDEs except the Lawnmower CDE. Lawnmower will have check-in from 1:30-4:00 with a start time at 2:00 pm in the Ware County Ag Ed Department.  The remainder of CDEs will START at 4:30.  

Please park in front of the school in the main parking lot.  Dr. Barber asked that we do not park in the rear near the Ag Shop.  CDEs will be held in that area and we will not be parking back there.  The registration table will be outside the cafeteria for all CDEs except the Lawnmower CDE.  Please plan on arriving at 3:30 due to traffic, parking, and school being held unless you have a lawnmower driving participate and are arriving early.

We do not need our South Region FFA members roaming the halls as Ware County High School is having classes or is dismissing.  Please help monitor students location and behavior as we are a guest of Ware County High School.

Ira Tucker

South Region Director
South Region Agriculture Education
2802 Moore Highway
Tifton, Ga. 31793
229-386-3428 office
229-425-7619 cell