FFA Advisors,

I apologize for the confusion on the past Courtesy Corp email for State FFA
Convention. Hopefully I can clear up any miss understanding.

Selection of the 2017 FFA State Convention for Courtesy Corp is a random
selection. I tried not to select schools that participated last year. If
your chapter's  name is on the list please go to the google doc and fill in
the advisor's cell number and the names of students you select. If your
chapter's name is not on the list your chapter was not selected.

If you have a Area Officer or a State Officer Candidate please make the
aware of the Courtesy Corp duty.

This email is sent out over the state wide list serve to make every aware
of selection of chapters .


Mary Person



West Jackson Middle

Lowndes Co. Middle

NE Tift

Lee County

Gordon Central

Jasper County

*All Area Officers*

*Arabia Mountain*



*Effingham County*


*Coffee County*

*Golden Isles C.A.*



*Irwin County*

*Rabun County*

*North Oconee*

*Pike County*

*Berrien County*

*Henry County*

*White County*


*Paulding County*

*East Jackson*



*Madison County*

*Ware County*

*Cook County*

*Thomas County Central*

*Haralson County*

*Dodge County*

Kent Benson
Georgia Agricultural Education
North Region Animal Science Area Teacher
706-552-4463 <(706)%20552-4463>  Office
530-574-3687 <(530)%20574-3687>  Cell