Ag Teachers!

Looking for lamb projects for your students to show at the State Market Lamb Show during the Georgia National Fair? Check out the offering from Keith Odom in  Watkinsville Georgia on Willoughby Livestock Sales.   SALE ENDS TODAY at 8:00 PM!

Lambs purchased qualify for the Georgia Born and Bred Class and GCLPA Points Program!!
Odom Club Lambs Online Sale ~ Apr. 12th
Keith Odom, Willoughby Sales 

Welcome to our 14th annual sale. We are offering our older set in our first sale.

 All lots are sorted by age. Since our children are grown you are buying

 "FIRST PICK & BARN FAVORITES". We had some lambs pictured with wool

 and sheared so we provided both when available. As one of our farm visitors said,

 "These lambs will compete anywhere". Both of our sires are MacLennan BURN

 grandsons. We had great success last year with SHOW-ME, our 2015 

Sedalia purchase, from Johnson Family. We are expecting equal success with our

 new ram, HERSCHEL, from Berry Farms. (Our USDA flock number is GA34, 

same number as the great Heisman Trophy Winner at UGA, Hershel Walker. 

When we found this unique ram at Keith and Tanner's that was sired by HEISMAN;

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