Many of you are out of school today because of school closure due to current and scheduled bad weather, the South Region State Convention practice has been postponed, and ABAC campus is closed.

If you feel that is unsafe for you to travel to make your evaluation appointment; please keep your personal safety in mind and be prepared to reschedule.

Please take note of the following things:

If you cancel please let me know so another may take your spot, or I may get to my own home before the weather gets bad.

I still have the same window of time before I have to turn in my results from the evaluations, so the option for rescheduling the day and time for your evaluation will be limited.

Questions, please call.



Shawn S. Collins
Forestry & Natural Resources/Region Agriculture Teacher
South Region Agriculture Education
2802 Moore Hwy
Tifton, GA 31793

Office: 229-386-3198
Fax:    229-386-3457
Truck:  229-891-4330