Below is the list of all record books that were submitted to the office.

If yours is not on the list I do not have it.

If it was submitted after 4/3/17 it is late.

2018 *Note

Only the record books from the Ag Ed Website, FFA page, awards program module, Middle School Record Books sub module, Middle school Record Book Tab shall be accepted.

Results are pending judging

AREA                   PROGRAM                           NAME

5 Bainbridge Middle Allie Fitzgerald
5 Ben Hill Middle Mia Jade Crosby
5 Brooks County Middle John Culpepper
5 Brooks County Middle Takera Dennard
5 Brooks County Middle Bryan McLeod
5 Brooks County Middle Tallon Exum
5 C.A. Gray Middle  Chloe Howell 
5 C.A. Gray Middle  Carson Champion
5 C.A. Gray Middle  Tyler Meads
5 C.A. Gray Middle  Landon Norman
5 C.A. Gray Middle  J.T. Harbin
5 C.A. Gray Middle  JoJo Johnson
5 Cook County Middle Cayden Dixon
5 Cook County Middle Aiden McLean
5 Crisp Middle Kenlea Davis
5 Eighth Street Middle Marlie Spivey
5 Eighth Street Middle Katie McMillan
5 Eighth Street Middle Dana Wells
5 Eighth Street Middle Abbigail Moore
5 Eighth Street Middle Seth Jones
5 Eighth Street Middle Erynn Allison
5 Eighth Street Middle Will Dean
5 Eighth Street Middle Ainsley Toews
5 Eighth Street Middle Kendall Homer
5 Eighth Street Middle Anna Farmer
5 Eighth Street Middle Miranda Barton
5 Irwin Middle Chloe Paulk
5 Lee County Lindsey Jones
5 Lee County East Middle Abigail Haggerty
5 Lee County East Middle Taylor Hyde
5 Lee County East Middle Abigail Tindell
5 Lee County East Middle Rebekah Cooper
5 Mitchell County Middle Tracy Johnson Jr
5 Pelham City Middle Kaz Pickering
5 Seminole County Elizabeth Ausley
5 Seminole County Haley Odom
5 Seminole County Olin Spooner
5 Seminole County Cleveland Cofty
5 Thomas Middle Sarah Carnes
5 Whigham Middle Tanner Norton
5 Willie J. Williams Christie Deariso
5 Willie J. Williams Logan Bennett
5 Willie J. Williams Raylee Sparkman
5 Worth County Middle Georgia Pritchard


Appling County Middle

Payton Brooker
6 Bacon Middle Macy Johnson
6 Berrien Middle Abby Hand
6 Berrien Middle Luke Nichols
6 Brantley Middle Brayan Rios
6 Brantley Middle Jude West
6 Brantley Middle Kensley Crews
6 Brantley Middle Ellis Highsmith
6 Brantley Middle Elijah Harris
6 Brantley Middle Brayden Gibson
6 Brantley Middle Josh Douglas
6 Coffee Middle Alexandra Vaughn
6 Coffee Middle Abbigail Vaughn
6 Echols County Kaelyn Leonard
6 Hahira Middle  Holly Smith
6 Jeff Davis Middle  Gabe Claxton
6 Jeff Davis Middle  Morgan Yearty
6 Jeff Davis Middle  Anna Claxton
6 Jeff Davis Middle  Anslee Davenport
6 Lowndes Middle Connie Rogers
6 Lowndes Middle Kendyl Warren
6 Pine Grove Middle Joseph Corbett
6 Pine Grove Middle Cayden Matthews
6 Ware Middle Colleen Barber

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