Dear Ciliate Researchers,


Access to genome, transcriptome, and other large-scale data is key to understanding the organisms we work with.  If you have a large-scale dataset that you would like to make available to the ciliate research community, or one that you would like to set up on a private web server to aid in your analyses, please contact the staff at [log in to unmask].  They have a variety of tools including Intermine, genome browsers, and BLAST that can be loaded with data and shared publicly, or via a private URL for pre-publication studies.  We encourage you all to take advantage of this community resource as they work to present the latest research on Tetrahymena and other ciliates.


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Tetrahymena Genome Database (


Naomi A. Stover (to whom questions or responses should be directed)

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The Tetrahymena Research Advisory Board


Ted Clark

Jacek Gaertig

Sabrice Guerrier

Wei Miao

Cristina Miceli

Chad Pearson

Martin Simon

Sean Taverna

Aaron Turkewitz

Emily Wiley

Mark Winey


Ex officio: 

Doug Chalker

Jeff Kapler