If you have any of the following applications that are moving on for National judging, please read this information carefully!

* State Winning proficiency award applications
* Gold Emblem National Chapter Award application
* State Winning Agrscience Fair project

Each of these applications will need to be submitted to the State FFA Office by Monday, June 26, in order to be prepared for submission to National FFA. This is NOT a postmark date. Please have the applications in our office on Monday, June 26. Please DO NOT mail your applications/materials directly to National FFA. There is certification paperwork that needs to be completed by the State FFA Office prior to submission, so I ask that all applications and materials be sent to the State FFA Office. We will complete the process and mail the applications to National FFA.

Proficiency Award applications
The state winning applications are being reviewed by staff this week, and by Friday will be back in the respective Region offices. Please make contact with your Region office to receive feedback on making improvements to your application(s) before the June 26 deadline. I ask that you do your best to give these applications the attention (and the students they represent) the attention they deserve. If you have questions about any of the feedback you receive, or questions about anything related to your application, please call me and let us help your student.

National Chapter Award applications
These applications were returned to the Region offices in mid-April. You may have already received them back at your Area banquet/award assembly. If your chapter has a Gold Emblem application and you have not received it back, please contact your Region office immediately. Please keep in mind as you see feedback attached to your application from the judging process that a group of teachers and staff used the official scoring rubric and evaluated your chapter's application. Yes, much of the information provided is subjective, but keep in mind that National FFA will use a very similar scoring process and judges with similar backgrounds. If our group thought that your goal was weak, or your Plan of Action was missing details, then the judges in Indianapolis will likely feel the same way. I encourage you to review the feedback received, then print a blank NCA scoring rubric and score sheet and score the application. Ask someone else you trust to do the same. If you follow the scoring rubric, you can get all possible points.

Agriscience Fair
Each project should submit their written report and application, using the correct format outlined in the national Agriscience Fair handbook. Also, if you found errors since submitting the paperwork in April, you can fix the errors, but the national rules clearly state that no additional work/research can be done following submission to state competition. Please follow the guidelines.

If you have any questions, please call. I know that June 26, is more than a month away, but that time will fly by. Please make plans to make any necessary revisions and get these applications submitted to the State FFA Office by June 26.

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