You've almost made it!!! Just a couple more weeks!
But until then...let me remind you that Area Officer Applications are due
in our office today. Applications can be submitted electronically. Here's
what the guidelines say about that:

*Area Officer Applications*

·         Can be submitted electronically for scoring in the region office.

o   Subject line should read : AreaOfficer-StudentName-ChapterName

o   File should be saved as: AreaOfficer_StudentName_ChapterName

·         Must include signature page.

*So far we have Area Officer Applications for the following:*

*Area 1 Senior:*

Madison Christol - Chattooga County

Tayelor Long - Fannin County

Meaghan Bybee - Cambridge

*Area 1 Junior:*

Emma Long - Pickens County Middle

*Area 2 Senior:*

Cory Yarbrough - Madison County High

*Area 2 Junior:*

Chase West - Madison County High

Abigail Legg - Oglethorpe County Middle

Josh Allen
North Region Ag Education
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Athens, GA 30602
706-552-4466 office
706-202-0770 cell