The Junior National Registration Site is now open. It might be helpful to
bookmark this page if you have not already done so.

Junior National Registration Site

*The entry deadline for the state Market Lamb and Goat Shows is August 1*.

Orders for tags and entries are done by the Agent for 4-H and by the
teacher for FFA, not by the exhibitor.

*You will need ear tags before you can enter.*  If you do not have ear
tags, agents or teachers should order now with this form:

2017-2018 Ear Tag Order Form

Please note that in addition to a state ear tag, sheep and goats also need
a "scrapie tag" which is provided by the breeder.

Also note that when you sign the entry form you are certifying that those
animals were in the possession of the exhibitor and tagged before the entry

*The Rulebook *

2017-2018 Georgia 4-H and FFA State Livestock Shows Rules and Regulations

As of today, State Health Regulations have not changed.

Additional Information: Georgia FFA Livestock Program

*Hogs, Steers, Beef Heifers, Dairy, Breeding Ewes for Georgia National Fair
in October -E**nter those at Georgia National Fair Site

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

Sarah Loughridge
Youth Livestock Extension Specialist
150 Edgar Rhodes Center
University of Georgia