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Date: Fri, Jul 7, 2017 at 9:22 AM
Subject: Breakout sessions at Summer Conference
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Wanted to make you aware of some breakout sessions that you may want to
bring things for on Tuesday at summer conference.

Mary Wilson, from AET will be with us all day during Breakout sessions with
Sesssions geared toward filling out applications online, using AET more in
your classroom and ways to fully use AET in your program.  AET subscribers
are encouraged to stay for all sessions or even just drop in and out
throughout the day.

One session is a plant swap.  If you have cool plants or rare plants that
you wouldn't mind sharing or allowing others to take cuttings of, please
bring them.

One session will be a round table discussion for Middle School teachers.
Think of the cool stuff that you've seen other teachers do and come
prepared to pick brains about how they do it.  If you've got stuff you are
willing to share, bring it.

The third session will be the same round table discussion format for High
School teachers.

As you are getting ready for Summer Conference, please keep in mind that it
is rude to show up with nothing and expect to walk away with tons of good
stuff.  Many of us do things that are great and wonderful, even though we
think they are plain and ordinary.  Bring those ideas, materials, etc
anyway.  I feel sure somebody else can make good use of it!

See y'all next week,

Pete Bennett

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