Good morning,

Ms. Mary Wilson, from AET, will be teaching 4 AET breakout sessions at
Summer Conference.  You can earn credit through CTAERN if you attend the
AET breakout sessions.  If you are coming to these, please consider
bringing your laptop with you so you can follow along in AET and be ready
to ask questions to get the most out of these workshops while Ms. Mary is
here to answer our questions.  No laptop - no worries, please come ready to
take notes and learn as much as you can to share in your classroom.

The tentative breakout sessions schedule is:

   - * #1- SAE Strategies for student success and related help guides in
   AET *- This workshop will begin with strategies to setup each type of
   SAE in AET and a short summary of records for each type of SAE. Also
   covered will be access to online resources and tutorials to assist
   students/teachers in the process
   - *#2 - FFA Award Application Tips and Essential Areas of AET* -  This
   workshop will cover important steps in the AET record system essential for
   FFA awards, and then review state and national level award applications
   that are generated directly from AET. Record book topics covered include
   SAE plans/agreements, SAE annual review (descriptions in awards), community
   service, FFA activities and  Non-current item usage (essential for
   proficiency awards).
   - *#3 - AET Important Teacher Reports and Key SAE Grading
   Tools/Strategies in AET *- This workshop will cover key areas that
   teachers can use to grade student engagement in record books and evaluation
   strategies for SAE projects.  Also, this workshop will review SAE grading
   rubrics in AET and using AETMobile for teachers to complete online SAE
   assessments and more!
   - *#4 - New Teacher Management Tools in AET - POA/Strategic Planning and
   the new FFA Meeting Manager *- The new strategic planning system in AET
   is a great student-lead system that helps develop a strong POA and aligns
   to FFA's National Chapter Award System as well as informs parents and
   others using AETweb...all in one step!  Also, this session will cover AET's
   new Meeting Manager to help your students develop an agenda, take minutes,
   invite guest and take roll!

Please let contact me if you have any questions.

See you in Savannah!

Christa Steinkamp
Georgia Agricultural Education
Curriculum & Technology Director
216 Four Towers Building, UGA
Athens, GA 30602
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