As you contemplate the CDEs you want to compete in this year, consider the
Marketing Plan CDE. Here is a packet of information that should help you
prepare for this CDE. The information attached to this e-mail should give
you enough information and material to turn it over to 3+ highly motivated
students . If you have any questions please contact me.

Attached you should find:

1. Marketing Plan Rules and Guidelines
2. Marketing Plan Team Checklist
3. Marketing Plan Guidebook
4. Marketing Plan PowerPoint from Dr. Stegelin (Dr. Stegelin is on the
National FFA Marketing Plan CDE Committee and a Professor at UGA)
5. Marketing Plan National Winner - Plan
6. Marketing Plan National Winner - PowerPoint

Thank you and good luck as you prepare for the Marketing Plan CDE!

Kent Benson
Georgia Agricultural Education
North Region Animal Science Area Teacher
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