> Do you have what you need for this growing season?
> Make sure you order early, remember others are ordering too and you don't
> want to be left out!!  This is just a basic help guide for the average
> school grower, I realize some of you are much more extensive with your
> greenhouse and if you have other specific questions please let me know.
> ​I have also attached a greenhouse crop schedule for the entire year to
> help you prepare your order for the entire school year. ​
> *Bedding plants/ annuals* ordered from Central Region come 345 flats to a
> plug tray.  If you plant these in Jumbo 606s you will get about 9 - 91/2
> flats per plug tray.  These are usually sold 100 per case.  You will also
> need the web flats (the trays that hold the insert).
> *Poinsettias*: you will need one 6in pot per Poinsettia and don't forget
> support rings if you didn't order those with your cuttings.
> *Ferns*:  If ordering from the central region you will have 84 ferns per
> tray.
> 4" pots, 10" hanging baskets
> transplant plugs into 4" pots until Nov or when roots fill pot,  then
> transplant into 10" hanging baskets to grow out for spring plant sale
> Fertilizer: Osmocote Plus 15-9-12, top dress each pot w. one teaspoon
> every 10-12 weeks
> *Perennials*: are usually grown and sold in either gallon nursery pots or
> larger azalea pots
> *Growing Media*:  Fafard 3-B is a good mix and usually one 3cuft bag will
> fill fifteen 606 trays or 120 4in pots or fifteen 10in baskets or 45 6in
> pots or 30 gallon pots
> *Fungicides*: Banrot

> *Insecticides*: Marathon for whiteflies, aphids, or other sucking
> insects, Conserve for thrip, leafminer, or worms, there are lots of others
> out there that work great but these are good basics.  Safari works the
> absolute best for white flies but has a pretty high price tag.

> *Herbicide*: Finalle is good to control weeds in the greenhouse and
> Roundup for weeds outside the greenhouse.

*Fertilizer Options*13-2-13 Plug Special Peters Water Soluble (25 lb bag)
is recommended using NO3  at 100 ppm for a successful cool season crop this
20-10-20 with 100-150 ppm Nitrogen to encourage initial leaf expansion and
Always use a nitrate fertilizer with low rates of phosphorus to maintain
compact plant growth

*Shade cloths* Fall bedding plants and poinsettias benefit from full
sunlight during the months of September, October and November.
Plugs and rooted poinsettias do best with some shade when first planted,
but after they are established, they will do better with full sun.

*Pull off and store your shade cloths by the middle of October*.
Ideally fall bedding plants can be left in the greenhouse for approximately
2 weeks after transplanting and then moved outside to finish off.
The additional light and cooler temperature of the outdoors will produce a
more compact bedding plant crop.
The use of a growth retardant ( i.e. Sumagic/A-rest )will help control
Remember, B-nine is reported to be ineffectual on snapdragons and any
retardant used on snaps will need to be used at a higher rate than pansies.

*LIVE PLANT License*:  Has everyone reapplied for his or her license this
year???  These expire every year and every school that grows live plants
MUST have one!   Here is the link to more info on a live plant license -
As soon as you get your new license, laminate it and hang it in the

*Greenhouse Supply Companies*
Where to purchase supplies? Most wholesale horticulture suppliers will let
you set up a school account and will give you a bid quote on equipment and
supplies. Below are a few suppliers:

BWI -, 800-922-8961, Delivery throughout Ga

Griffin Greenhouse & Nursery Supplies, Ballground, Ga. 800-888-0054  Delivers weekly throughout Ga.

GroSouth, 800-282-3682. Delivery throughout Ga.

Hummert,, 800-288-3131. Delivery throughout Ga.

Park Seed Company, 800-845-3682. Delivery
throughout Ga.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.  Good luck with your
plant sales this year.  Happy planting!

Melissa Riley
Central Region Ag Education
Horticulture Teacher
1005 State University Drive,  Box 4060
Fort Valley, GA 31030
office - 478-825-6067
cell - 478-973-4071