North Region Meats Teams!

Registration is now open on  Registration for the Meats CDE will be open until September 20th.  T shirts MUST be ordered by September 12th. 

Area Meat Evaluation CDE for 2017

Senior Students:  25 ID cuts, 3 Placing Classes
Junior Students:  20 ID cuts, 3 Placing Classes

For Senior Contest Only - Quality and Yield Grade Exercise 
     Students will have  up to 3 rib eyes to Quality and Yield Grade using help sheets
     Students will have the Quality Grading Help Sheet, and be given Maturity, KPH and Hot Carcass weight.
     They will be required to know the Yield Grade Formula, the 5 Yield Grades, and determine Marbling and Backfat. 
     (do not let this overwhelm you, it will be very simple and straight forward)
     Refer to: , for help.

T-shirts are available:  Proof is below, Deadline for T-shirts is September 12th. 

Area 1:  Cass High School
                 1000 Colonel Way
                 White GA. 30184
               1000 Colonel Way  White, GA 301841000 Colonel Way  White, GA 30184 Colonel 1000Way       1

Area 2 Banks County County H S
                1486 - A Historic Highway
               Homer, Georgia 30549

Registration is now open on!

Kent Benson
Georgia Agricultural Education
North Region Animal Science Area Teacher
706-552-4463  Office
530-574-3687  Cell

Proof review - Meat Evaluation CDE 2017


Click here to review the proof
Click here to review the proof