Interested in Marketing Plan CDE?

Last week at the Area Teacher Meetings many of you expressed an interest in the Marketing Plan CDE.  So this is my plan to get you started. On Mondays I will send out a email outlining steps that need to be accomplished. I will send out a google doc after the first week to find out how many of you have completed this weeks task so I get a number of teams that are actually working on a plan. At any time you can call or email me questions. I think this will be better just to get you going on this project. Later if there is a need to meet we will plan something to have students and advisors  bring their proposals and work through difficult areas.  Remember that this is a process that takes place over a few months. 

Your First Task!

1. Identify at least three if not four VERY DEDICATED FFA members that want to compete in the Marketing Plan CDE. ( Team consist of three)
2. Show them The Orland Farmstead Creamery plan and power point. This was a National Champion written proposal.
3. Watch videos of National FFA Finals Hall Marketing Plan CDE competition. (Find them on

4. Plant the seed with your students that you will be working with a local business (or somewhat local) to create a marketing proposal  that MUST add value to a new or                             existing product or service. This IS NOT a proposal to market the business!  I would be happy to discuss your ideas with you.

1. Marketing Plan Rules and Guidelines
2. Marketing Plan Team Checklist
3. Marketing Plan Guidebook
4. Marketing Plan PowerPoint from Dr. Stegelin (Dr. Stegelin  was on the National FFA Marketing Plan CDE Committee and  is a retired Professor at UGA)
5. Marketing Plan National Winner - Plan
7. Marketing Plan National Winner - PowerPoint

GOOD LUCK and look for your next email next Monday!