Teachers it is again THAT time of year,

The registration is now open for the *Area Floral Design CDE's *is up on
the Georgia AG ED Website.  Below is some additional information:

*Sign In:* 3:45-4:15 PM

*CDE Starts*:  4:30 PM - Please make sure your students arrive on time as
this is a timed event.

*Senior Students:*  Create 1 Design, 25 Flower/ Hard Good ID, and 25
question Test

*Junior Students:*  Create 2 Designs

*T-shirts* are available for this event and must be ordered online with
event registration.  T-shirt Design is attached.* T-shirts must be order by
September 14th, 2017.*


*Area 6 Floral Design CDE, Sept 26th @ Berrien County High School

*Area 5 Floral Design CDE, Sept 28th @ Pelham High School


*There is a cost of compete in the Area CDE of $10.00.

*The designs can be taken home by the student at the end of the competition
once scoring is complete.

*If your student does not show up day of the CDE your chapter still owes
the $10.00 fee.


*There is a 3 week registration window -- *the deadline is September 21st,
2017 for both Area 5 & 6 CDEs.*

*All students must be pre-*registered* for adequate materials to be

To register for the CDE.

Go to the AG. Ed. Website and log in.

Click on Event Registration.

Click on Area 5 or Area 6 Floral Design CDE Registration.

Click on the edit for each team that your are registering.

Click on edit for the T-shirts that you order. It will make an invoice for
your T-shirts and for the cost of the event.

*It has opened to register your teams and closes on 9/21/17 for BOTH AREA

*Link here <> *to the how to register
students. This information was given out at the area teachers meeting,
click under the side bar that is titled enrollment & roster guide.


*Students should bring their own tools such as:

-floral scissors,

-wire cutters,

-a small hand held broom/dustpan for area cleanup,

-5 gallon bucket for keeping flowers,

- gallon of water

- and SENIORS may want to bring an extra vase or bouquet holder stand.

 *All other materials/supplies will be supplied for the student.


*It is recommended that students either wear official dress or a chapter
shirt. They can take their jackets off while designed if needed.

*Photo Opportunities*

*Advisors/Teachers and/or parents will not be allowed in the contest area.
Photo opportunities will be made available after the competition once
judges have reviewed and scored the designs.


*I have attached the revised Jr and Sr Rules.  Please review
this information prior to practicing with your student.  Please READ the

*STUDY POWERPOINTS* *but do not limit yourself to these*

Click on the following link -

Click on Floral Design Fresh Product for help with Flower ID

Click on Floral Design Hard Goods and Materials for Equipment ID

Click on this link - for past
scenarios and tests

Thanks for allowing your students to participate in this Career Development
Event. It will truly be memorable.
*Trisha Rae Lastly *
*South Region Agriculture Education *
*Area Horticulture Teacher *
*2802 Moore Hwy - ABAC 34*
*Tifton, GA 31793*
*Cell: 229-894-0507*
*Office: 229-386-3428*
*Fax: 229-391-3457*