There were 17 Jr. teams and 16 Sr. teams at yesterday's 1 ENR CDE at Cass
High School. Thanks goes out to Joey Dean for all his help in hosting all
the students at the CDE's yesterday. Thank you to Mr. Bill Lott and Jimmy
Mock for helping set up and proctor the identification portion. I also want
to thank all of the teachers that helped in grading ID papers and GPS score
sheets (Megan Shearer, Katie Lents, Roseanna Volz, Troy Fitzpatrick, Richie
Farrow, Cassidy Byess Bennett Jacobs, Wendy Matteson, Rhonda Mathews, Carol
Cross, Tiffany Walters, and anyone else I may have missed).  The top two
teams in each division qualify for the State CDE which will be held on Dec.
1st-2nd at ABAC.

Area 2 Jr. ENR winners are: 1st Place - Gilmer County High School - Advisor
- David Bushey

>                                              2nd Place - Bagley Middle
School - Advisor - Nelson McCracken

>                                              Jr. High Individual was
Robbie Linginfelter from Bagley Middle School

Area 2 Sr. ENR winners are: 1st Place - LaFayette High School - Advisor -
Michael Gardner

>                                                2nd Place - Heritage High
School - Advisor - Megan Shearer

>                                                Sr. High Individual was
Taylor Dyer from Heritage High School


> Rosters have been checked and results are attached.

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