Good Morning Teachers and Marketing Plan Teams,

So last week's assignment was to find 3-4 dedicated students and share with them the Marketing Plan information.

This week it is time to do some exploration. You need to look around your communities (or a bit beyond) for Agriculture related businesses. Questions to think about:
1. What do the currently produce?
2. What service do they offer?
3. Do they create a "waste" product that can be turned into a salable product?
4. Is there a way their current product could be improved or changed to add value to it?
5. Could they expand or create a new service to add value to their business?

Next, make a appointment to visit, tour and talk to the owner/ CEO/manager of the company. Ask the same question while you are on your visit. Remember that what ever you determine as the product or service it MUST have added value.

**** The students need to believe in the product/ or service they select to write the proposal on. They are the ones that will need to understand it and sell it!

Examples of proposals include:
1. Grapeseed oil from a vineyard/winery that makes wine.
2. Make it yourself dog food from broken rice grain from a rice coop.
3. Chocolate milk from a dairy that market their own milk.
4. Organic chicken from a from a company that only produces conventional chicken.
5. Club calves/ club calf auction from a commercial beef operation.
6. Wilderness covered wagon rides on a large western cattle ranch.

If you would like to share your idea with me please contact me or maybe talk to me at region rally.

If you selected a business start to collect information on the business.
1 .Who owns it
2. Where it is
3. When it was established
4. What they do
5. Insight to the philosophy of the business
6. Any other special side notes to add interest.

Next we will begin to develop surveys!

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