Advisors of Floral Design students:
Please make sure your students have a bucket (5 gallon works nicely) and either 1/2 or a whole gallon of water with them today. Each student will be given more than enough product to complete their designs, and you will need a bucket to carry home the remaining material. Also bring a hand broom and dust pan to clean up their work area.

We will be registering in the lunch room.
To speed up the registration process:
- Please have your checks already filled out or cash in hand. If you are not sure how much you owe, print out an invoice from our website (directions attached).
- Your students are only allowed to have tools, floral tape, and wire in their tool boxes. Please make sure they do not have any "extra" supplies.
- Once you register your students, you are to have no more contact with them until they've completed the event.

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North Region Ag Education
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