Rally time is here!   We will be on the GMA site tomorrow (Tuesday) to
finish getting everything set up for your arrival. The t-shirts you ordered
are bagged up and the registration packets are complete!  The Tent is huge!
Your lunches were ordered two weeks ago and the Tift County Alumni is ready
to fire up the grills...... so, let's have a rally!

There are a few reminders we would like to pass along to help things go
smoothly as possible.

1.  The schedule is below.  Please look over it.  We need to start on time
in order to finish on time!
2.  PLEASE help us monitor all FFA members that day.  We have rotations set
up with different color arm bands for each group.  As you follow your
students throughout the day, help us monitor that students are in the right
group/rotation.  Also, help us  monitor behavior as well. This is not a
drop em off/pick em up later event..... We need your help.
3.  Parking will be limited.  You will notice on the map that we have the
bottom part of the parking lot set up for "Water Wars".  Buses are
encouraged to park along the side the road on the grass as noted on the map
to help provide more parking spaces in the parking lot.
4. You may want to *encourage your students to bring a towel* to sit on
during the sessions and to have during the water wars.  Some may even want
to bring some dry clothes to change into afterwards.  If your students have
light colored shirts, the rally t-shirt is an option to ensure that
clothing is not see through if it gets wet.
5. We will be taking up school supplies and spare change to be donated to
those affected by the recent weather events.  Bring those items into the
registration area upon arrival if you chapter is participating.
6.  Encourage your FFA members to have fun and participate in the days

The schedule for the day is:

* Agenda:*
9am - 9:30am - Registration ... See Map
9:30am - Session One..In the Big Tent...
10:30am - 11:30am - Leadership Activities / Water Wars Activities /
Competitions and Agrirama Fun
11:30am - Start Lunch (included in your registration)
12:30pm - Leadership / Water Wars Activities / Competitions and Agrirama Fun
2:30pm - Session Two
3:30pm - Closing Ceremony

Competitions Scheduled:
ID Contests (Plant, Livestock, AG Mech, and Forestry/Natural Resources)
Chapter Scavenger Hunt
DNR Fun Stuff
Opening and Closing Ceremonies Contest

All the competitions are designed to be fun.  We hope this will encourage
your FFA member to try something new.

After the week we all have had... Lets go have some fun.

Ira Tucker

South Region Director
South Region Agriculture Education
2802 Moore Highway
Tifton, Ga. 31793
229-386-3428 office
229-425-7619 cell