The results are in!  Congratulations to all the participants!  The top two
teams from Area 3 and Area 4, Junior and Senior Divisions will be headed to
the state contest to represent the Central Region.

Thank you to all of you teachers that helped run the contest, I really
appreciate your service.  Thank you to the Area Officers that came and
helped out.  Thank you to Mr. Chris Corzine, Mr. Kevin Jump and Mr. Barry

Results are attached.
Press Release is attached.

Remember to complete the Teacher CDE survey form and have your students
complete the Student CDE Survey form below.

Central Region CDE Advisor Survey FY18

Central Region CDE Student Survey FY18

*Area 3 Junior:*
1.  Northside Middle - Advisor:  Christina Sanders
2.  Perry High - Advisors:  Ashley Denton, Kyle Dekle
*High Individual:*  Elizabeth Parsons - Northside Middle

*Area 4 Junior:*
1.  Screven County Middle - Advisor:  Erica Frost
2.  Burke County Middle - Advisor:  Brandon Poole
*High Individual: * Cassie Sheppard - Effingham County High

*Area 3 Senior:*
1.  Perry High - Advisors:  Ashley Denton, Kyle Dekle
2.  Marion County - Advisor:  John Hagin
*High Individual:  *Clint Lee - Dodge County High

*Area 4 Senior:*
1.  South Effingham High - Advisor:  Ashley Burns
2.  Screven County High - Advisor:  Nancy Sell
*High Individual: * Colby Beard - Effingham County High

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