The Perry FFA Ag Barn has been a center for development & growth of
students as they worked with livestock projects over the year.  The Perry
FFA Ag Barn has been a welcome center for livestock over the years.  They
have one of the largest livestock show teams in the Georgia.  They house
most of the Perry High & Middle FFA show livestock at their school barn.
As many of you have already heard, Perry FFA's livestock barn had a fire
Friday night and their barn is a complete loss.  They lost animals and
their barn.  The livestock community all over the country & state came
together to replace livestock.  Several gofundme pages have also been
started to help them in re-building their ag barn immediately.

Several people have asked for information on ways to make donations/
support them as they re-build.  If you want to donate, you can either send
a check directly to Perry FFA or donate through one of the gofundme
accounts set up to support their rebuild efforts.

   - If you want to send a check, please mail the check to the school and
   make it out to *Perry FFA*.  Please mail the check to: Perry FFA, c/o
   Perry High School, 1307 North Ave, Perry, GA 31069.
   - Perry FFA AgBarn (Gofundme account set up by Georgia Junior Livestock
   Foundation to help them re-build)
   - Rebuild PHS FFA (Gofundme account set up by Perry FFA CTAE Department
   Chair) <>

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