Marketing Plan CDE  -

I apologize that it it has been awhile since the last Marketing Plan
email.  Here is where we left off.

Surveying determines many factors that are necessary in order to create
your marketing strategy.  Surveying is a part of your " Primary Research"
which is on the scoring rubric.

You can refer to page 20 in the " FFA Marketing Plans - A Primer"

 This is what the survey will help you determine:

a) What does the prospect know about you
b) What does the prospect know about the product
c) What issues does the prospect have with the current product or service
d) What is the prospect willing to pay
e) Where do they live/work
f) Where do they buy similar products
g) Family size
h) Age, income, interests, etc.
i) Interest in the product
j) Where do they get information on the product or service
k) Buying habits, frequency

Surveying can be done face to face, internet, mail, phone. Other primary
research includes interviews and focus groups but surveying is the most
common type of primary research most teams use.  Attaches are 3 samples of
surveys teams have used to gather information.

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