Ahhhh another round of CDEs are behind us and now we can see the Christmas
holiday ahead!

Don't forget to promote what you do in your local communities. One of the
best ways to build support for your program is to promote your students!
Please click the link below to view the CDE pictures take during the CDEs
this week. The Area Officers are wonderful at capturing your students in
act during the CDEs. Use these as you need to or some of your own. Attached
you will find a press release for the Floriculture CDE. Use this how you
choose also.


Don't forget the CDE Surveys. This information will help us to make events
better in the future and help with the revision process that will be taking
place in 2018.
Teachers Survey
Student Survey

Also attached are the plants and disorders from the Floriculture CDEs this
week. Have a teachable moment with your students today and learn some new

Again thank you all for what you do each and everyday. As the holidays get
close we know the students become more crazy! You can do this!!
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