I want to thank everyone that helped with the Agriculture Communications
CDE, along with ABAC, and Wayne County Agriculture Teachers for hosting the
event. The top two teams will advance to the State CDE to be held in March
at UGA.

The editing quiz counted 25 points
The written test counted 25 points
The maximum score for an individual was 50 points
The maximum team score was 200 points

Tip *from* 2016: the *correct editing marks* must be used in the *text*  to
show suggested correction.
*Tip from 2017: the correct editing marks must be used in the text  to show
suggested correction.*
Tip for 2018: the correct editing marks must be used in the text  to show
suggested correction.

- I ask that both you and your students fill out the event survey links so
we may improve our event; remember 2018 is a CDE revision year.

 AG COM Advisor Survey

AG COM Student Survey

Please thank the following individuals appropriately help in the hosting of
our events.

Area 5:
Cathy Cooper (Senior Administrative Assistant)
ABAC 2802 Moore Highway, Tifton, GA 31793

Dr. Sewell (Inerm Ag Division Department Head)
ABAC 2802 Moore Highway, Tifton, GA 31793

Area 6

Wayne County High School Agriculture Department
Reggie Beasley, Michael Kirkland, Michael Schwartz
1 Jacket Drive, Jesup, GA 31545

*AREA 5*
The winners are:
1st place *Pataula Charter High* and advisor * Catherine Bodiford*

2nd place* Tift County High* and advisor *Lynne Cook*

*AREA 6*
The winners are:
1st place *Camden **County High* and advisor *Erin Lee*

2nd place TIE
*Liberty County High *and advisor* Lindsey Martin*
*Long County High *and advisor* Helen Young*

-The tie was broken by the highest team combined Communications Quiz score.

*Long County High is second place after the tie breaker*

Congratulations to the winners and good luck at the State CDE.

Complete results are attached.

Shawn S. Collins
Forestry & Natural Resources/Region Agriculture Teacher
South Region Agriculture Education
2802 Moore Hwy
Tifton, GA 31793

Office: 229-386-3198 <(229)%20386-3198>
Fax:    229-386-3457 <(229)%20386-3457>
Truck:  229-891-4330 <(229)%20891-4330>