We currently have 33 registered proficiency apps in 21 areas.  We need quality applications in each proficiency area.

Current proficiency areas without a registered application:
Ag Comm - E/P
Ag Mech R&M - E
Ag Mech R&M - P
Ag Processing - E/P
Ag Sales - E
Ag Services - E/P
Agriscience Research - Animal
Agriscience Research - Plant
Beef Prod - E
Beef Prod - P
Div Hort - E/P
Env Sci & NR - E/P
Equine Science - E
Equine Science - P
Fiber and/or Oil Crop Prod - E/P
Forest Mgmt & Products - E/P
Fruit Prod - E/P
Grain Prod - E
Grain Prod - P
Home and/or Comm Dev 
Outdoor Rec - E/P
Specialty Crop Prod - E/P
Swine Prod - E
Turf Grass Mgmt - E/P
Vet Science - E/P
Wildlife Prod & Mgmt - E/P

There are also 133+/- ag teachers in central region.  103 of you are HS teachers. Currently 23 HS Teachers have registered a proficiency application.  That means there are 80 more applications that need to be registered for everyone to meet standard #22.

Let me ask you to take a moment to click the link below and register your proposed application/s.  This helps us with planning and preparation.

FY18 Central Region Proficiency Registration

Thank you for all your hard work.  Remember to contact any of our Region team with questions.


Kevin Jump
Area Mechanics Teacher
Central Region Agricultural Education
PO Box 4060
1005 State University Drive
Fort Valley, GA  31030
478 825 6068 office
478 230 8344 cell
478 825 6980 fax