Due to the weather and schedule we were not able to give an update to you
about the camps, so we have outlined the information below.

*Summer Leadership Camp (SLC)*

*What we need from you: Promote SLC to your students now! *

   - Camp John Hope will offer a Middle School Week. Watch for an email
   about details.
   - Remember we will have SLC at both camps!
   - We have attached a packet of basic information about SLC at both
   - We are planning to offer a "Pre-Camper Program" for Advisor Kids. If
   there is enough demand based on registration, we will offer a daily program
   for Advisor Children for weeks 5 and 6. We hope that some advisors with
   young children will opt for these later weeks which will help balance the
   - We want to remind you about the purpose of SLC! We will have lots of
   great activities and programs, but the core purpose is for you to develop a
   deeper relationship with your students so that you can better make an
   impact on their life.

*Summer Staff*

*What we need from you: Send this info to great college students!*

   - Both camps are hiring!
   - If you know any great college students, they need to apply NOW for
   summer staff!
   - Covington:
   - Fort Valley:

*Leaders in Training (L.I.T.)*

*What we need from you: Pass this on to any interested students! *

   - If you have Juniors and Seniors who have been to camp at least two
   years, they can apply to be an L.I.T. and work beside our staff for a week
   of camp!

*BASIC Training and GOLD*

*What we need from you: Bring your chapter AND give this info to all CTSO's
at your school!*

   - Affordable programs at the camps that utilize the ropes course and you
   can add on camp recreation options such as slip and slide and archery
   - Covington:
   - Fort Valley:

*Wildlife Camp*

*What we need from you: Help us promote it, especially if you are at a
middle school, and consider being an instructor! *

   - Boys and Girls Age 10-15
   - Scholarships are available.
   - <>

*Parent/Child Adventure Camp*

*What we need from you: Help us get the word out about this program! *

   - Weekend Camp in April.
   - Goal: Strengthen the parent/child relationship!
   - Kids age 7-10 plus parent
   - If you know someone who this would benefit, please let them know about

*Horse Camp*

*What we need from you: If you know someone interested, send this to them!*

   - If you know any girls age 10-13 who are novice riders, they need to
   sign up ASAP
   - This camp is already filling fast!
   - We need instructors and volunteers!
   - <>

Thank you!

Russel Towns
Camp Manager

Georgia FFA-FCCLA Center
720 FFA FHA Camp Road
Covington, GA 30014
Office: 770-786-6926 ext 4
Fax: 770-786-1774
Email: [log in to unmask]

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   - Udder Mud Run: <>, FB:
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