Don't forget that *Soft Registration for MIDDLE SCHOOL ONLY SLC at Camp
John Hope *is still open!  This registration is for interest only.  Based
on current registration numbers, *Week 2 is in high demand. *

Dates: *May 21 - 25, 2018 (week 1) OR **May 28 - June 1, 2018 (week 2)*
Cost: *$165.00 per person*

We must have a minimum number of campers to make it work.  If there is a
high demand, both Week 1 & Week 2 could become middle school only camps! In
order to make sure there will be enough schools commit, we will hold a
"soft" registration.  Below are details about this registration.

   - It is for *interest only*
   - Does not commit you to those dates
   - You will still need to register for camp during the regular
   registration period
   - If the minimum number of campers is not met, we will open registration
   to all schools (high school and middle).
   - You will know *BEFORE* regular registration period whether or not
   there will be an exclusive middle school week.

"Soft" registration will close *February 5th *at *5:00pm. *

* How to register:*

   - Register through the SLC website at:  Choose *Camp
   John Hope*
   - Use the *Soft Registration* link
   - Follow the step by step instructions on the page

Please let us know if you have any questions about camp!  We're looking
forward to another great year of SLC!

*Heather Chastain*
Educational Program Specialist
Camp John Hope FFA-FCCLA Center
281 Hope Entrance Rd.
Fort Valley, GA 31030
Office:  478-967-2302 <(478)%20967-2302> ext. 102
Fax:  478-967-2728 <(478)%20967-2728>