There are still about 10 opening for this workshop next month for anyone is interested.  


The following workshop is open for registration on the CTAE Resource Network.  Those interested in attending should log on and register.  Please let me know if you have other questions

Thanks, Melissa 

Irrigation 101 - Irrigation Training for Ag Educators 

Date: TUESDAY, Feb 13, 2018 

Location: UGA Griffin Campus - 1109 Experiment St, Griffin, GA 30223

Instructor: Greg Huber / Center for Urban Ag

Description: Irrigation and water management skills are essential to every Urban Ag professional. In this workshop, participants will assemble the basic components of a system, review watering principles and proper scheduling, and discuss considerations in disease management and protecting water sources from pesticide and fertilizer contamination.


Irrigation Training for Ag Educators


8:30-9am                     Check in


9am-11am                  PART I – Introduction to Irrigation Systems & Components

·         Overview of Irrigation Methods

·         Components of an Irrigation System

·         Hands-on Irrigation Assembly


11am-noon                  PART II – Watering Principles

·         Plant physiology and water use

·         Principles of watering

·         Principles of water distribution

·         Scheduling Factors


Noon                            LUNCH


1pm-4pm                    PART III – Field Tour of Irrigation Systems

·         Greenhouse Irrigation Systems

·         Field Nursery Irrigation

·         Turfgrass Irrigation

·         Landscape Drip Irrigation


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