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Please take a 30 seconds to complete the survey link below if you are interested in adding information to your Ag Ed Program about Pollinators & Monarch Butterflys.  Please contact Ms. Barbara Payne directly if you have any questions about this opportunity.  

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Dear AgEducators,

I have been working to develop a grant for incorporating a pollination and monarch component for the AgEd program. It is something that can start small and build into an important educational endeavor for the entire state of Georgia.  It is important that teachers give their input, ideas and commitment; whereas, they will be critical to the development and success. It is understandable that AgEd teachers have little time and this may sound overwhelming, but many teachers have been quite successful leading excited students through the process.

Please take a minute to complete this survey if you are interested in adding this curriculum to your Ag Ed Program:  Information gathering for a proposed program development for Georgia Ag Education. This survey is hoped to be a beginning of a sustainable AgEd science program. It will be multifaceted in order to meet the specific needs of GA AgTeachers while incorporating proven guidelines set by MJV and Georgia specific ag science. We will also work closely with and and many other organizations. When you have time, check out the MJV resources ( and implementation plan.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Barbara Payne

Christa Steinkamp
Georgia Agricultural Education
Curriculum & Technology Director
216 Four Towers Building, UGA
Athens, GA 30602
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