North Region Teachers,

Proficiency applications are due in the North Region Office by tonight (Feb
1st) at 11:59 pm.  No late applications will be accepted.  This is a due
by, not a post mark deadline. We will have a box at the Area 2 Speaking
Events today for you to turn in your applications

Don't forget that we have a dropbox outside of the building for you to turn
in applications after hours. If you send your application in
electronically. It must be one email and in a pdf format. Be sure and check
the *electronic submission document attached* on how to submit

Don't forget to complete the registration for each application / student
you intend or have submitted. Descriptions for each proficiency category
are posted within the registration for each category.  Please contact the
North Region Office if you have questions or concerns.

Brandon Ray
North Region Forestry Teacher
Agricultural Education
204 Four Towers
The University of Georgia
Athens, Ga  30602
Office: 706-552-4465
Cell: 706-506-8110