Please see the information regarding the CDEs at Pickens County High on Tuesday.

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Traffic at PHS will be heavy until 3:45 so Please don't arrive before then. I have attached a map of the school and highlighted the areas being used in Red. We will have registration taking place in the auditorium beside the cafeteria. We will have tables set up on stage for the area teachers to take care of all registration in one place and students can have a seat in the auditorium. Bus traffic should be out by that time and buses can utilize the front parking lot to park and drop off students. Upon arriving use the school's main entrance and auditorium will be first room on right upon entering. 

All Registration will be done in auditorium

Poultry- livestock facility around back beside green house
Wildlife - AG Classrooms 322 & 325
Nursery Landscape- Cafeteria, Senior Lounge, and auditorium

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Can you send me a blurb regarding parking and arrival time? And if you can get me a map and let me know the CDE locations, I'll get that all sent out.

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