Hello all my PATIENTLY awaiting Proficiency Results South Region Agriculture Teachers!

First off THANK YOU! Thank you for your hard work each and everyday to have your students have quality SAEs. It all starts with you in your classrooms staying true to the 3 Ring Model. There were some outstanding SAEs that came to our office in the form of a Proficiency. Thank you for the high quality applications. Also thank you to the Tift County STAR Farm for allowing us to use your facilities for judging. It is nice to have a quite place to truly give each application the attention it deserves. And last thank you to everyone that came and helped judge. I hope this experience will help you become better in the future with filling out applications with your students. 

Now for some information -- please note the following: 
1. Feedback was given to ALL applications. However the State Finalists NEED TO MAKE CHANGES to the these applications and have them turned back in to the South Region Office by March 22nd (Yes this is the same day as the Wayne Co FFD, I will send a box with Shawn to collect onsite at the FFD.) These applications will be moving on for another round of judging by different judges. The feedback will help your students place higher in the finalist round MAKE THE CHANGES PLEASE!! 

You must have the corrected applications back to the South Region Office no later than March 22nd by 5 PM.

2. State Finalist Applications will be handed back to you as quickly as possible. We will have them available for pick up at the South Region Office starting today. On your way to Perry feel free to stop by. If you would like us to bring your State Finalist Applications to the State Show please respond to this email ASAP today! If your application are not listed as State Finalists they will be handed back at a later date. 

3. When reprinting please print the whole application again. The numbers at the bottom of each page need to be the same. 

4. If you are a second place winner for the South Region your application could still be a State Finalist. You could win the State Proficiency Area. You too need to make the changes and turn it back in to the South Region Office by MARCH 22nd. To know if you are a State Finalist please see the email from the State FFA Office. 

5. The South Region State Convention Dry Run will be held on April 3rd RSVP for this event by March 31st at the UGA Tifton Campus. THIS IS FOR YOU!!! More details will come out later on the exact time and location on the campus but mark your calendars and show up! Mathematically those who attended the dry run won their proficiency area at State FFA Convention. The Dry Run is to help your students go through the interview process with judges in real time. They will need to have a 1 minute opening statement and will be asked questions for 5 minutes. Just like at State Convention. It is worth your and your students time. 

Also please note that some of the applications were moved to the correct category. We did not disqualify them but moved them to where they fit and judged them as if they were originally submitted in that category -- no points deducted. 

If you have any questions please feel free to call me. 

Trisha Rae Lastly 
South Region Agriculture Education 
Area Horticulture Teacher 
2802 Moore Hwy - ABAC 34
Tifton, GA 31793
Office: 229-386-3428