Take a few moments to read through this email as you prepare for POW evaluations in the upcoming days.  This email is directed at Area 3 & 4 teachers.  First year teachers will receive instructions regarding their FY18 evaluations directly from their area teacher.  

Area 3 teachers will conduct POW evaluations with local administration/personnel this fiscal year per instructions from Mr. Corzine.  An email containing specific information and the form to complete was sent to you on March 20.  Those forms and the printed/signed POW are due to the office by Friday, April 13, 2018. 

Area 4 teachers will conduct POW evaluations on-site in Swainsboro at Southeastern Tech on Wednesday, April 11, 2018.  Mr. Corzine sent an email with instructions for signing up for a time slot in an email sent to you on March 20.

Both Area 3 and Area 4 teachers are instructed to complete an FY18 POW notebook containing all your supporting documents.  Area 3 teachers will use that notebook during their evaluation process and Area 4 teachers are instructed to bring that notebook with them on April 11.

FY18 Program of Work Notebook Instructions

  1. print and include a copy of your teaching certificate
  2. a signed statement from your school administrator will validate item #2
  3. include a copy of the Ag Ed Teacher's Creed 
  4. GVATA membership payment receipt - we have record
  5. we have record - you can include a signed statement that you attended all area meetings
  6. GVATA memberhip payment receipt - we have record
  7. GVATA midwinter receipt - we have record
  8. advisory committee meeting minutes listing dates and member names
  9. copy of monthly report summary - we have record
  10. print CTAERN class record from previous summer event
  11. copy of class schedule
  12. copy of class schedule
  13. copy of course calendar and syllabi
  14. copy of lesson plans (one for each course)
  15. copy of FFA lesson plan
  16. copy of Leadership lesson plan
  17. copy of record keeping lesson plan
  18. copy of enrollment - we have record
  19. gradebook with SAE grades or AET printout of student SAE (60% of enrollment total will have SAE)
  20. Bring actual student record book
  21. monthly reports, examples of Visit, pictures (lots of options here)
  22. copy of submitted proficiency signature page - we have record
  23. copy of meeting minutes - we have record
  24. copy of roster - we have record
  25. copy of POA/budget - we have record
  26. copy of local COLT agenda - we have record of state participation
  27. copy of roster - we have record
  28. copy of minutes
  29. copy of news article, etc... - we have record if you submit an observance award
  30. copy of news article, etc... 
  31. copy of state convention registration - we will check delegate status at convention
  32. copy of state degree signature page - we have record
  33. banquet program/agenda/invitation
  34. NCA copy - we have record
  35. for CDEs you can print a copy of the results sent out by area teachers - be aware of requirements (5 total, 2 team and 2 leadership) - we have record
  36. copy of registration for specific event/conference/activity
  37. picture, signed statement by administrator, etc...
  38. signed statement by teacher/admin
  39. copy of schedule (refer to items 11 & 12)
  40. copy of supply budget, signed statement by teacher/admin
  41. same as 40 but specific to equipment
  42. picture of computer lab, signed statement by teacher/admin
  43. picture of office, signed statement by teacher/admin
  44. picture, equipment list, signed statement
  45. picture, signed statement (greenhouse for plant science, laboratory for mechanics, etc...)
  46. picture, signed statement
  47. signed statement
  48. copy of minutes, roster (items 23 & 24)
  49. copy of schedule (items 11 & 12)
  50. signed statement - we have record
Specific Local Items 37 - 50 that mention a signed statement of positive affirmation from your administrator or yourself may have a list of all items on a single sheet of paper with admin signature.

If you have any questions, let us know.


Kevin Jump
Area Mechanics Teacher
Central Region Agricultural Education
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Fort Valley, GA  31030
478 825 6068 office
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