A special thank you goes out to Fort Valley State University for hosting all the CDE events yesterday.  Also a big thank you to Area Officers Nola McAllister, Will Bostelman, Beau Bradley, and Logan Thornton for their assistance.

I do appreciate all the teachers who helped score and monitor the events yesterday.  I could not have done it as quickly or efficiently without your help.  You are truly a great group to work with.  Thank you for your help!!!!!!

Congratulations to the following schools for placing first and second in the Jr. and Sr. events.  They will compete in the State event on March the 23rd and 24th in Athens.

1st -  Mary Persons, Advisor - Ryan Smith 
2nd - Bleckley County, Advisor - Doyle Floyd

1st - Monroe County MS, Advisor - Ryan Smith
2nd - Mary Persons, Advisor - Ryan Smith

I have attached the scoring results for your viewing pleasure as well as sample news articles for publication in your local gazette.

Please use the attached surveys to make suggestions for improving the CDE.

Thank you,

Barry Norris

Forestry Teacher
Central Region Agriculture Education
101 North Main Street
Swainsboro, GA 30401